Saturday, June 26, 2010

OWLS Updates

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday afternoon! I have a couple of updates that I want to share here with you.

We have seen a recent increase in members to our Facebook Site and we are happy to have each of you! However, we would like for you to go over our Tutorial that outlines how to become a member of the OWLS group, just joining the Facebook or Myspace Site will not make you a member of the OWLS group. You must join by submitting an application to Kaplan University. Everything is outlined in our step by step tutorial, that I have created.

With that being said, I also would like to draw your attention to a recent newsletter submission, an article, written by one of our fellow OWLS Officers and Members, Samantha Silks. She has written an informative article on "Strep B Infection". Its worth the read! Be sure to let Samantha know how much you enjoyed her article and her efforts in writing it for the OWLS newsletter!

Until next time we hope you are having a HOOT! HOOT! of a Weekend!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Read the Hoot

The OWLS Hoot! Newsletter, June 2010 edition is ready to read! We hope you enjoy it. This first issue features Biographys of all of our newly elected officers, including yours truly, myself. There are also some new features coming in future editions. Please take the time to read the newsletter and see what all we have going on in the Kaplan University OWLS Club!

If you can find the time, you might want to let our new editors know what a fantastic job they have done with the newsletter! Thank you Tina and Nikke! I am looking forward to future editions of the HOOT!

Also, if you have anything to contribute to the Newsletter, please send it to the editors and they will be glad to take your contributions into consideration for future issues!

Virtual Blood Drive

The Kaplan University American Medical Technologist Student Society, in the School of Health Sciences, is conducting a virtual blood drive as their 2010 service project. The service project must be something that applies to the field of health and benefits the community.

The virtual blood drive will be held August 1 through September 30. We would like you to save the date and pledge to donate today at You can choose to donate blood anytime within August or September. Remember, you must wait 56 days in between blood donations, which is why we are notifying you now.

How do you conduct an online blood drive? You can make a donation with ANY blood donation organization. We are partnering specifically with the Red Cross, which can supply you with information about local blood donation centers and/or drives in your location. If the Red Cross does not have a blood drive in your area, you can donate at any entity that takes blood donations (all areas have at least one). Make sure you remember to sign up to pledge to donate.

We look forward to your gift of blood donation; it can save a life. Thank you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Operation Give Back List

Fellow Owls, here is the list I promised of the things that the troops will be needing again this year. Please print it out and do what you can. Let us know when you have some things gathered up.

We also are still needing a volunteer to be the designated "ship to" person. This person will be in charge of allowing other OWLS members to ship their donations to his or her home, then they will box them all up and ship them to the relief center designation. The relief center will then ship them on to the troops for distribution to the families.

Here is the list of needed items:

Operation Troop Support:

These suggested gifts have been requested by Chief Wiggles. They are meant only as guidelines. Follow your heart and use common sense. These kids have nothing, so even small things mean a lot. Please send in new items or slightly used items in good clean condition

A. Toys:

Dolls; cars and trucks; balls, especially soccer balls; plush toys and stuffed animals; plastic animals and dinosaurs; tool and cooking sets; puzzles; binoculars, Magna-Doodles, basic Legos; blocks; jump ropes; Frisbees; picture books; baby toys; stacking cups; shape-sorters; chess sets

Note: Please don't send toys that will not work without batteries; toys that require electricity; violent toys (guns, violent action figures); toys that shoot projectiles; Naked Barbie’s or comparables

B. School Supplies:

Pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, notebooks, calculators, paper, coloring pencils, markers, etc.

C. Art Supplies:

Colored pencils, pastels, markers, brushes, paint sets, paper, chalk, etc.

D. Personal and Baby Care Items:

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, shampoo, bar soap, diaper ointment, lotion, disposable razors, baby bottles, sippy cups, baby spoons

E. Clothing in Good Condition

(we welcome good clothing for adults, too)

F. Every day Medical Supplies:

To Receive FREE shipping to our warehouse info contact: or or 801-259-6336.

Reminder: OWLS Logo Contest

Calling all OWLS! Hoot! Hoot! We still need you to get your creative minds to flowing and help design a new logo for the OWLS Group!! We know you are busy with your family and your school work, but this is your group and we want your input!

Our Vice President, C.J White is working hard to help implement a new logo design but she cant do it without our help. Please get something together and forward it to her soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Operation Support Our Troops!

Greetings! I am proud to announce that the Kaplan University OWLS Members will once again be supporting the Operation Give Back Program through the Operation Support Our Troops Campaign.

Join us in supporting our troops who are serving in war torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be collecting items to send to the solidiers in those countries, they will then take them and distribute them to needy children and their families in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To learn more about Operation Support Our Troops please download this flyer. It explains a little bit about what exactly they are looking for as far as donations ..etc.

One lucky OWLS Member will be recruited to recieve all the donations and then forward them on the designated relief center, for distribution to our soldiers. If you are an OWLS m*ember and would like to volunteer to be the host person, please contact our Vice-President, C.J White at

The rest of us, lets donate what we can and help show the world that we care! For a list of exactly what they request that we donate please go here.

For more information on Operation Give Back and their many programs please visit their website.

And last but not least if you are a Kaplan University Student in good standing and are a Non-Traditional (Adult) Student, and either in the School of Health Sciences or the Division of Arts and Sciences, I encourage you to become a member of the OWLS group! You will find the application located on your student desktop under My Community.

Monday, June 14, 2010

OWLS Logo Contest

Hoot! Hoot! We are proud to announce the OWLS Logo Contest! The Contest will run June 14th-June 28th. The deadline for all submissions will be Midnight on June 28,2010.

Please come up with a design that you think would be fitting for the OWLS group, then send it via email to our Vice President-C.J White. Be sure to send your name and email address along with your entry!

There is a panel of three judges who will make the final decision. So get those creative juices flowing and send your entry today!